Cessna310Parts has owned numerous aircraft, from single engine piston to multi-engine turbine, so we know what it's like to have an airplane down for maintenance.
We are " AOG" friendly!!
Cessna 310 Parts is dedicated to assisting Cessna 310 owners and service personnel in getting their aircraft back into the air. We know what AOG means and how important it can be obtaining the needed parts quickly. In many cases, parts can be delivered within a day's time! Sometimes even hours!
​Two of these IO-47-VO engines available, one of them with about 220 hours SMOH and the other has about 730 hours since re-manufacture by Continental Teledyne. Engine & Prop logs available.

Both running strong and each complete with the mags, starter, alternator, prop control, basically all components & accessories as removed from the aircraft and now mounted on tires & ready to go!